Powered by Yamaha
ePerformance for the eGeneration
80Nm motor madness

Powered by Yamaha

The source of all dynamics: The new yamaha motor. Small, lightweight and definitely powerful. With it’s incredible 80Nm torque it easily gets you to the top. Thanks to the zero cadence support you will be pushed into the saddle from the first crank turn. And as one of the few middle motors it allows a double chain wheel in the front, which not only improves the uphill performance but also increases the riding fun.

A World first


Just like the XDURO, the SDURO has been setting technological standards. Small wonder – since, just like its big brother, it has been developed to provide uncompromising performance, something you cannot achieve with run-of-the-mill tube sets of purchased parts.

A World first


Haibike presents the first electronic suspension control in an e-bike. And this is where it makes the most sense seeing as some of the necessary sensors are already available from the drive system. The e:1 shock system recognises the current track profile and adjusts the rear suspension accordingly fully automatically – within a tenth of a second. A real killer in terms of performance and riding experience because the rear wheel always has the perfect conditions for steady ground contact.

Tough performer.


That’s how it’s supposed to be: A frame made of high-strength aluminium that can take whatever may come. In addition a hydro formed tube set that doesn’t just look great but also contributes significantly to the stability. An optimised geometry with a crisp short wheelbase for superior manoeuvrability. That’s Haibike.

In one piece.


Haibike engineers combine a variety of unctions in this part, like the motor mount, battery support surface or the damper connection and the primary pivot point for the fullies. Contrary to most other manufacturers, they therefore don't use a simple forged or welded part but rely on the elaborate gravity casting process from the motorcycling arena. The interfaces are checked for faults as well as air pockets by means of x-ray, measures and finally CNC milled. The result is a lightweight and yet highly stable frame centre.

Protection from below.


The motor helmet: the SkidPlate. This small but able part protects the Yamaha drive even when the ride gets wild. Made of extra stable, scratch-resistant polymer plastic it is very forgiving. If the ride ever does get too wild the SkidPlate can be easily replaced. Although... every scratch tells a story.

Double luck.


Sometimes more is really more. For example with two chain wheels on an e-performance bike. The SDUROs offer just that: Two chain wheels on the front for a range that combined with the Yamaha motor's sensational 70 Nm torque will leave no up or downhill questions unanswered.

And if the battery should ever run out you can finish your tour without any problems thanks to the customary MTB translation and the direct connection of crank and chain wheels. Sometimes more is really more.

When you need it.

Immediate power

Many drive systems need a certain cadence (crank turns) before they start support. But not the new Yamaha drive. It supports from the very first crank turn. This doesn't just give you an extra push for the start and helps in situations when you need a lot of power fast - the extra kick from below is also just unbelievably fun just like a turbo diesel. Best try it yourself.

The power supplier


Lightweight, compact and close-fitting: The new Yamaha Li-Ion battery. It has a capacity of 400Wh and weighs only 2.9kg. The battery can of course be charged on the bike, locked and removed. A special feature here is that the battery can be removed sideways. The advantage: no space difficulties even on the smallest of frames.

Total Control


You can control all system functions thanks to the remote control in the handle: Power on/off, 5 riding modes (OFF, ECO+, ECO, STD, HIGH) and on the Trekking SDUROs the lights. Furthermore you can navigate through all information on the removable display, positioned in the middle, with the remote. This includes total distance and trip distance time and trip length, maximum, current and average speed, battery indicator and range as well as cadence (pedal frequency) and current support level.

Yamaha drive

Red hot

If anyone can bring your chain to a red-hot glow, it's the new Yamaha drive. With it's support from the the first crank turn on, the 80Nm and the double chain wheel in the front, it sets the bar very high.

Adrenalin Bikes


The SDURO is the first e-bike line that is especially for a new generation of cyclist: young in age or at heart, crazy for e-bikes and full of life.