Uvex Jakkyl HDE Helmet Review

Uvex Jakkyl HDE Helmet

Uvex Jakkyl HDE Helmet Review

Is the Uvex Jakkyl HDE helmet the ultimate ebike helmet?

I thought it’s time to give a review on the Uvex Jakkyl HDE full face helmet after months of testing.
I’ll start off by saying that I’ve always been a fan of the King of mountain bike helmets which have always been in my opinion Troy Lee Designs. For the last 15 years I’ve wore nothing but Troy Lee Designs full face helmets from the D2 to now the very popular D3. Everything from the design, fit and colours kept me coming back over the years as mine got battered and more and more abused.
But there was always one problem for me with the helmets, I had to fix every single one of them!  Everything from the polystyrene being loose inside the carbon outer shell, the rubber on the bottom of the helmet not being stuck down properly and lately the newer D3 shape for me anyway had to have the inner polystyrene shell trimmed back to stop feeling uncomfortable. Now maybe I’m just incredibly unlucky but I’ve definitely noticed the quality has been on the decline over the years. They have also got heavier and something that after every downhill run I was happy to get off my head.
Now onto the Uvex Jakkyl HDE full face helmet. I’ll be the first to own up to hating the idea and look of having an xc helmet that converts into a full face helmet. In my eyes especially riding UK tracks the last thing I’d do is carry a rigid chin guard in my back pack, ride to the top of a mountain and then fix the chin guard onto the helmet. Many helmet companies over the years have tried to make a helmet to do it all and I’ve dismissed everyone until now.
I was given the Uvex Jakkyl to try and see what I thought and was interested to see if the helmet would be any good for ebiking.
The first thing you notice is the weight, or lack of it, weighing in around 630 grams it’s incredibly impressive for a full face helmet. This is probably due to the 14 large air vents it has. Normally on a full face helmet when riding I don’t think the vents do much at all, but on this one they are cleverly thought out. Not only do you actually feel the air coming through the vents and cooling your head down especially the front vent, but they also put vents directly over your ears so you can hear a lot more than you normally would wearing a full face helmet. So much so that you forget you’re wearing such a capable helmet.
Another useful feature is the goggle strap or goggle garage as Uvex call it. This comes into its own when you don’t want to take your goggles off while riding up hill but you you need something to keep the strap at the back of the helmet in place. Simply lift your googles off your face and they will sit neatly under the visor.
Uvex Jakkyl HDE Helmet 2
To make sure the helmet is very secure when on your head Uvex use their very good 360 Boa system. This is as shows in the pictures a small adjustable hand wheel that very quickly tightens the helmet onto your head using a fantastic tension band. This tension band locks the helmet onto your head better than almost every helmet I’ve ever tried and doesn’t just rely on thicker or thinner pads to secure a good fit. It also has 2 positions which can alter where the helmet sits on your head. I didn’t initially think it would make much difference but after experimenting with each position it is definitely worth trying both as each position alters how the Jakkyl sits on your head.
Uvex Jakkyl HDE Helmet 3Now onto the very well constructed removable fibre glass chin guard. The first thing you notice is the distance the guard is away from your chin. This can only be a good thing in an impact and means that even Bruce Forsyth could wear this helmet with no issues. Having the guard so well vented and so far away means I’ve had no issues at all with my googles steaming up. The chin guard itself weighs next to nothing and Uvex really couldn’t have added anymore vents without compromising strength and stiffness. The chin guard comes off the main helmet within seconds and fits back again with a bit of practice in around 10 seconds. To take the guard off requires undoing a clip each side of the helmet and pulling each side out. Fitting the guard is a bit fiddley but after a bit of practice becomes second nature.
With the chin guard removed Uvex has supplied 2 plastic pieces to click into place to prevent to clean up the look of the helmet and stop mud getting into the interlock ports. I highly doubt anyone is going to use these and they would be quite easy to loose.

Wearing the Uvex Jakkyl HDE

After putting the helmet on, adjusting the straps and tightening the BOA 360 system the helmet felt very light, secure and had more vision than I’ve ever had in a full face helmet.
The helmet works very well with goggles and riding glasses also fit with no problem. As an ebiker I can really see where this helmet comes into its own. Riding an ebike means you cover more ground faster especially uphill, so it makes perfect sense to always be wearing a full face helmet with plenty of protection. Before I used to wear an xc helmet because the dh full face was too heavy to wear on long rides but I always felt an xc helmet never gave me enough protection. The beauty of the Uvex helmet is it gives you full protection without being heavy or getting too hot. So much so that I never felt the need to take the chin guard off at all, the ventilation is superb.
I’ve wore this helmet now on every ebike ride over the last few months and it’s made my other helmets redundant, it really is that good. It’s also worth mentioning the helmet pads in the helmet are really easy to take out and wash, not that you get that sweaty wearing this helmet compared to most.

Uvex Jakkyl HDE Helmet 4


There are a couple of personal improvements I’d like to see in the future to the design.

They currently have 3 colours on the market. There’s black/dark grey, black/blue and blue/red/lime green. To me the black/dark grey and black/blue look the best but I personally don’t know anyone who would choose the blue/red/lime version except the most eccentric of my friends. Maybe because I’ve been used to the far more expensive look of the Troy Lee Designs helmets over the years. The design is just a bit dull in comparison, some people might prefer this though.

The other change would be the visor, it works and is practical but it won’t win any design awards. Again its not the end of the world but it just feels like an after thought.
All in all though this helmet is fantastic, very very light, has great ventilation that works, is comfortable, secure and gives you confidence to go faster without a worry of not being protected enough. So is the Uvex Jakkyl HDE helmet the perfect ebike helmet? In my opinion it’s the best ebike helmet I’ve ever come across and I’d highly recommend a look. It’s also the only helmet I now wear and that’s saying something, time to get yours.
Uvex Jakkyl HDE Helmet 5
Uvex Jakkyl HDE helmet review by Adrenalin ATV